Happiness Factor in Work

Posted on Wednesday · December 12 2018 · 04:34 PM | 134 words · 1 min read

  • comedy is little more work than it seems.
  • and it’s hard to show the effort because it’s thinking joke. you do a joke it doesn’t work, you do that again it doesn’t work. by the fifth time you think you should give up standup comedy.
  • in standup you are the only writer, director and scripter. so you can’t blame anyone. And if the joke isn’t funny, it isn’t funny!
  • every joke you see on youtube is tried 500 times.

the only way to realy be happy is to fall in love with the process of doing something

what is the best book you have written? it’s the next one

the race is really long and it’s very lonely and the only person you are really racing with is yourself